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Information for the new Smart Visa that wil start February 1 2018

Applications for the Smart Visa will begin on February 1, 2018, and will only apply to the ‘S-Curve’ targeted industries:

First S-Curve industries – Next-generation automotive, smart electronics, medical and wellness tourism, ‘food for the future’, and agriculture and biotechnology.
The five New S-Curve industries – Automation and robotics, aviation and logistics, biochemicals and eco-friendly petrochemicals, digital businesses, and medical hubs
The Smart Visa applies to four groups of personnel:

Group 1 – Specialists in scientific fields where there is a shortage. Individuals who qualify must have a salary of at least THB200,000 a month and an employment contract for a minimum of one year.
Group 2 – Investors of no less than THB20 million in S-Curve industries
Group 3 – Investors in companies that are investing in S-Curve industries
Group 4 – Company executives who work in S-Curve industries with minimum salaries of THB200,000 a month and a minimum of 10 years experience in the field.
The professional Smart Visa aims to provide the following benefits:

4 year visa Allows a 4-year visa instead of the current one-year.
No work permit required Does not require a work permit.
Dependents can work Gives dependents (spouse and children) the right to live and work in Thailand equivalent to the Smart Visa holder.
no 90-day reporting Extends 90-day reporting to annual reporting.