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V2B International Lawyer’s Office

Is one of the most renowned law firms in Pattaya.

Legal counselors and Attorneys from our firm are experienced in legal areas and offer high quality services to clients. V2B International Lawyer’s Office provides best service in a low price and is among the best law firms in Thailand. We provide services regarding immigration, business, Property and corporate laws in Pattaya

Legal Matters We Solve- Purchasing Property, Our property lawyers in Pattaya are well experienced and can help in any way regarding any issues related to purchase of a property.

Personal Tax and Company Tax- Our professionals can help you to plan the right way which can keep you away from paying more tax. 

Loan and Mortgage: In general it is not possible for a foreigner to get a loan from banks, but private markets can help. 

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There are two types of loans: Loan for consumption and Loan for money. Our professionals are experienced enough in solving such kind of issues. Ordinary Partnership and Limited Partnership: Most of the companies emerging today are in partnership. Our professionals help to resolve certain issues regarding partnerships.

Marriage Cases- 1.Registration from Thai Court- This is the officially relevant procedure of marriage. 2. Thai ceremony: This is a ceremony. This is simply a procedure followed for the sake of entertainment and do not have any legal relevance. This process is more about a promise.

  • Divorce

Divorce system in Thailand is of two types •Uncontested divorce: This procedure of divorce does not need interference by court. This is a short term procedure where spouses do not need a ground; only mutual agreement is necessary. •Contested Divorce- This can be a long term divorce, where a ground for divorce is necessary. The reason for this kind of divorce is finance and properties.

Services We Offer: We provide several Legal services: •Investment •Business consultancy •Business investments •Translation •Tax consultancy •Work permit

Licenses include: BOI license, hotel and restaurants Legal advice on property: Property registration Buy property outright

Our Principles and Values Make Us Different among Others •Confidentiality •Independent •Always follow the rules of the law •Never ignore the law •Never include multiple parties in a case Our members are experienced in different legal areas. Customer satisfaction has made us best among other Pattaya law firms. We always value our principles and have proved efficiency in above specified areas.

How we can help you:

  • A detailed review of your circumstances to establish if you qualify.
  • Answers to any questions you may have regarding your application.
  • Ensuring the information needed to support your application is correct.
  • Completion of your application form.

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